1. 6.1 Corporate governance code compliance report
    2. 6.2 References
    3. 6.3 Abbreviations and acronims
    4. 6.4 Sitemap

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6.3 Abbreviations and acronims

Chapter Term Definition
About us OAOOpen Joint-Stock Company Open Joint-Stock Company
IDGCInterregional Distribution Grid Company Interregional Distribution Grid Company
RUBruble ruble
Kmkilometer kilometer
GVAgiga voltampere giga voltampere
FYfinancial year financial year
kWhkilowatt-hour kilowatt-hour
MWmegawatt megawatt
Mission and Strategic Goals KPIkey performance indicators key performance indicators
YoYyear on year year on year
Gridcogrid company grid company
Branches and Subsidiaries AOJoint-Stock Company Joint-Stock Company
EESKYekaterinburg Electric Grid Company Yekaterinburg Electric Grid Company
EESYekaterinburgenergosbyt Yekaterinburgenergosbyt
Market Share and Sector Development Trends GRRgross revenue requirement gross revenue requirement
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission, international standards and conformity assessment body International Electrotechnical Commission, international standards and conformity assessment body
Management Systems ISOinternational standardization organization international standardization organization
OOOLimited Liability Company Limited Liability Company
Key 2017 Events RASRussian Accounting Standards Russian Accounting Standards
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standards International Financial Reporting Standards
PAOPublic Joint-Stock Company Public Joint-Stock Company
EVelectric vehicles electric vehicle
Letter to Stockholders PoLRprovider of the last resort provider of the last resort
NUESKNovouralskaya Energosbytovaya Kompaniya (Novouralsk Energy Sales Company) Novouralskaya Energosbytovaya Kompaniya (Novouralsk Energy Sales Company)
BRICSBrazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
Network Exploitation HQheadquarters headquarters
ASTMautomated system for technical management automated system for technical management
R&D research and development
RPArelay protection automation relay protection automation
ITinformation technologies information technologies
c.u.conventional units conventional units
Electricity Transmission MMKMagnitogorsk Metallurgy Plant Magnitogorsk Metallurgy Plant
ChMKChelyabinsk Metallurgy Plant Chelyabinsk Metallurgy Plant
RZhDRussian Railroads Russian Railroads
FSK UESFederal Grid Company of United Energy System Federal Grid Company of United Energy System
Technological Connection VATvalue-added tax value-added tax
NPOscientific production association scientific production association
MKUmunicipal public institution municipal public institution
OKScapital construction section capital construction section
Investments MISmetering information system metering information system
Innovations EVelectric vehicles electric vehicles
PAMSProduction Assets Management System Production Assets Management System
Efficacy Enhancement LEDlight emitting diode light emitting diode
Description of Tariff Policy RABregulatory asset base regulatory asset base
FASFederal Antimonopoly Service Federal Antimonopoly Service
HVhigh voltage high voltage
UNESunited national energy system united national energy system
Analysis of Revenues and Expenses EBITDAearnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
BOexchange-traded bonds exchange-traded bonds
CFRcorporate family rating corporate family rating
PDRprobability of default probability of default
Corporate Governance D&O directors and officers
CEBCollegiate executive body Collegiate executive body
Investor and Shareholder Relations IMOEXMoscow Exchange index Moscow Exchange index
MOEXEUMoscow Exchange Energy & Utilities index Moscow Exchange Energy & Utilities index
Customer Support CRMcustomer relations management customer relations management
F2Fface-to-face face-to-face
PDproduction department production department
DZdistribution zone distribution zone
SMEsmall and medium enterprises small and medium enterprises
ETPelectronic trading platform electronic trading platform
Public and Government Relations PRpublic relations public relations
FECfuel and energy company fuel and energy company
LP WANlow-power wide-area network low-power wide-area network
Environment Protection MAEmaximum allowable emissions maximum allowable emissions
MACmaximum allowable concentration maximum allowable concentration
PCBpolychlorinated biphenyl polychlorinated biphenyl
MSWmunicipal solid waste municipal solid waste