1. 1 About us
    2. 1.1 Mission and strategic goals
    3. 1.2 Branches and subsidiaries
    4. 1.3 Market share and sector development trends
    5. 1.4 Management systems
    6. 1.5 Key 2018 events

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1. About us

OAO Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Urals, or IDGC of Urals for short, (est. in Feb., 2005) is the core grid operator, liable for electricity transmission and connection of individuals and legal entities to the electric networks, in the Sverdlovsk, Perm and Chelyabinsk regions.

Key figures:

89,6 (RUB billion)
RUB billion
0,8 (RUB billion)
Length of aerial power lines
122,7 (thousand km)
Length of cable power lines
7,2 (thousand km)
32,9 (thousand)
Station capacity
31,1 (GVA)

Our record of 2018 achievements for the benefit of:

Investors and stockholders
1 888,5RUB million
FY2017 dividends
61,5 billion kWh
Net supply
Facilities commissioned
2,9 thousand km
of power lines
457 MVA
of transformer capacity
26,3 thousand
Connection contracts executed
694 MW
Capacity installed
Suppliers and contractors
27,0 RUB billion
Total purchases of goods and services
15,5 thousand
*average payroll at the year-end.
1 002
employees visited health resorts
employees’ children visited health camps
1 630
employees got ministerial, industry and corporate awards
State and society
0,3 RUB billion
Income tax and other payments
24,2 RUB million
Environmental costs
766,7 RUB thousand
“Polluter pays” charges