1. 4.1 Customer support
    2. 4.2 Supplier relationship management
    3. 4.3 Public and government relations
    4. 4.4 Company’s transactions

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4.1 Customer support

Our primary CRMcustomer relations management guidelines are observation of consumer rights and interests and satisfaction of their needs. The quality of services should meet or even exceed customer expectations. Today, the Company has the following primary forms of interaction and customer services:

  1. F2Fface-to-face (in-presentia) form of interaction: reception of visitors in 20 F2Fface-to-face customer service centers.
  2. Interactive (in-absentia) form of interaction: 24-hour 8-800-2501-220 hotline customer support, WhatsApp, online chat, online reception office, personal customer account and All-Russia Web Electric Grid Portal (web-site URL: Cветлая Страна.рф).

To enhance quality and accessibility of the services, the Company:

During the reported period the Company has achieved the quality of service targets approved by the regulators. The primary objectives of the Company’s Customer Relations Division for 2019 are: