1. 1 About us
  2. 2 Board of directors’ progress report
  3. 3 Corporate governance
  4. 4 Stakeholder reciprocity
  5. 5 Corporate social responsibility report
  6. 6 Appendices
  7. 7 Disclaimer
  8. 8 Contact information

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1 About us
1.1 Mission and strategic goals
1.2 Branches and subsidiaries
1.3 Market share and sector development trends
1.4 Management systems
1.5 Key 2018 events
2.1 Letter to stockholders
2.2.1 Network exploitation
2.2.2 Electricity transmission
2.2.3 Technological connection
2.2.4 Development of telecommunications and it systems
2.2.5 Investments
2.2.6 Innovations
2.2.7 Efficacy enhancement
2.3.1 Description of tariff policy
2.3.2 Analysis of revenues and expenses
2.3.3 Analysis of receivables and payables
2.3.4 Credit ratings and bonds
3.1 Corporate governance practices
3.2 Corporate governance system
3.2.1 General meeting of stockholders
3.2.2 Board of directors
3.2.3 Board of directors committees
3.2.4 General director and executive board
3.2.5 Remuneration and compensation policy
3.3.1 Board of internal auditors
3.3.2 Independent auditor
3.3.3 Internal control
3.3.4 Security and anti-corruption
3.3.5 Risk management
3.4 Investor and shareholder relations
4.1 Customer support
4.2 Supplier relationship management
4.3 Public and government relations
4.4 Company’s transactions
5.1 Human resources management
5.2 Environment protection
6.1 Corporate governance code compliance report
6.2 References
6.3 Abbreviations and acronims
6.4 Sitemap
7 Disclaimer
8 Contact information