1. 3.3.1 Board of internal auditors
      2. 3.3.2 Independent auditor
      3. 3.3.3 Internal control
      4. 3.3.4 Security and anti-corruption
      5. 3.3.5 Risk management

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3.3.2 Independent auditor

To ensure independence and impartiality, the external auditor of OAOOpen Joint-Stock Company IDGCInterregional Distribution Grid Company of Urals was selected by PAOPublic Joint-Stock Company Rosseti (tender organizer) in an open tender. Information on the tender for the right to conclude contracts on auditor services for FY2018-2020 was posted on the Unified Procurement Information system (75). Tender results summed up, OOOLimited Liability Company Ernst & Young was recognized as the winner (76). Participants were assessed against the preset and announced criteria.

The Company’s charter states that the Board of Directors recommends a nominee to conduct independent audit of the annual financial statements to the General Meeting after tender procedures. The General Meeting approves the Company’s auditor. The Company’s annual general meeting, conducted on 31 May 2018, decided to approve OOOLimited Liability Company Ernst & Young as the Company’s auditor (77). The charter states that the Board of Directors decides on the amount of the auditor fee. The fee and payment procedure are stipulated by the contract between the Company and the audit firm (78). The auditor remuneration for the audit of FY2018 financial statements, prepared under RASRussian Accounting Standards and IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standards, was decided by the Board of Directors (79) at RUBruble 5,265,334.31, plus VATvalue-added tax. There were no other remunerations for non-auditing services due to the auditor.