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1.4 Management systems

The Company has four management systems in force, compliant with ISOinternational standardization organization 9001, ISOinternational standardization organization 14001, ISOinternational standardization organization 50001, ISOinternational standardization organization 45001:

Quality Management System(12)

A component of the Company’s comprehensive management system, designed to enforce high-quality services, compliant with regulations, needs and expectations of consumers, and to satisfy all stakeholders, incl. employees, shareholders, investors and partners of the Company.

Environment Management System(13)

A part of the Company’s comprehensive management system, covering organizational structure, planning, allocation of responsibilities, practical work, procedures, processes and resources to craft, implement and evaluate performance after implementation and improvement of the environmental policy, goals and objectives.

Energy Management System(14)

A tool of the Company’s comprehensive management system that enforces on-going research providing knowledge about distribution and consumption of energy resources of the Company as well as about optimal utilization of energy resources for production and nonproduction needs.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System(15)

An element of the Company’s comprehensive management system administering risks and improving operational health and safety performance.

Management Systems/ Certificate validity period

Division Management Systems/ Certificate validity period Certification Authority
ISOinternational standardization organization 9001 ISOinternational standardization organization 14001 ISOinternational standardization organization 50001 ISOinternational standardization organization 45001
Certificates issued 10.07.2018, valid through 09.07.2021
HQheadquarters No.20829/0 No.03657/0 No.00178/0 No.00025/0 ООО Russian Certification Technologies (ООО Rostechsert) 
Permenergo No.20829/2 No.03657/2 No.00178/2 No.00025/2
Sverdlovenergo No.20829/1 No.03657/1 No.00178/1 No.00025/1
Chelyabenergo No.20829/3 No.03657/3 No.00178/3 No.00025/3

Generally, the Company’s management systems reported positive performance during the reported period. Primary results of management system performance are disclosed below: